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Smart Devices and Wearables

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Mikko Keskilammi - Capability & Resource Manager

My work tasks, in the last 10 years, have been a good balance between managerial tasks, antenna research in customer projects and participation in research programs with top Universities in the field of RF and Antenna technologies.

Mikko Keskilammi

Capability & Resource Manager

Neetu Sasi Kumar - Senior Software Engineer

I joined Sasken as an intern 6 years ago and was attracted to its simple yet powerful style of working. Today, I provide client services to one of the world's largest mobile researchers. Proud to be in an organization where gender is not a criteria for success.

Neetu Sasi Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Farheen Hussain - Engineer - Automation

Joining Sasken was a dream come true for me. I enjoy the freedom to work and learn. In a short span of time, I have made many friends. I look forward to becoming a role model in Sasken, in the years to come.

Farheen Hussain 

Engineer - Automation