Network Equipment Manufacturers

Network Equipment Manufacturers

Network Equipment Manufacturers(NEM) need to build scalable, converged networks that can deliver a wide array of voice, data, video, and web services. Keeping pace with the evolution of network topologies, the increasing emergence of software driven networks and the need to ensure security of data, requires them to reach out to specialist partners.

Sasken, with its deep domain competencies spanning protocols, standards, technologies and platforms, offers the most comprehensive range of design engineering service in the industry. We have independently designed and helped commercialize a wide variety of network elements. Our services enable OEMs to globally launch products supported by our wide array of testing solutions. At Sasken, we have the distinction of having delivered a range of solutions, from adapting wireless standards for railway communications to building advanced satellite communication terminals.

Sasken has been serving top 5 NEMs globally across 2G/3G/4G/CDMA, in software development, testing and sustenance of their network products for over 20+ Years. Sasken delivers software and hardware design, development and testing services to help network equipment manufacturers streamline processes, reduce risk and enable smooth deployment.

  • Software Development

    Sasken provides complete software design and frameworks and helps NEMs with sustenance and support for their equipment. Sasken also provides embedded engineering, deployment and managed services for their manufacturers.

    • Protocol stack development
    • Platform engineering
    • Application development
    • Integration of 3rd party s/w and h/w components
    • Automation test frameworks
    • Product feature development
    • Enhancement and customization
    • System adaptation and defect resolution
    • Global product  and NOC support from L1 to L4, upgrades
  • Testing and Sustenance

    Sasken specializes in services for access network (AN) and core networks (CN), development of application and SDP (Session Description Protocol) working across core technologies – GSM, GSM_R GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ and LTE.

    • Access and Core Networks
      • IP backhaul tests
      • S1/X1, diameter, radius
      • Regression tests and automation
      • Network field testing
      • KPI tests and IoT
    • Application and SDP
      • IMS-LTE integration
      • OpenIMS and OpenSIP
      • Diameter framework
      • VAS tests
      • IN protocol tests

      Core Technology Specialization

      • Across technologies – GSM, GSM_R GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ and LTE
      • LTE testing – eNodeB and EPC/S-GW/P-GW
      • Testing of small cells-3G/LTE femto, pico cells;
      • IMS/VoLTE testing and roll out
      • Protocol stack conformance, field, IoT and modem integration testing
      • Automated test frameworks
      • Test accelerators and customized solutions
      • Test case repositories
      • Expertise on test tools IXIA, Spirent, Anite, Tektronics, Aeroflex
  • New Protocols

    Sasken has developed vast expertise across all wireless technologies be it GSM, GPRS, UMTS or LTE and has carried out development work across all protocol layers.

    • Vast expertise across all wireless technologies (GSM, GPRS, CDMA, UMTS, LTE) and across all protocol layers
      • GSM
        • End to end GSM solution  - BSC, BTS, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMSC for network infrastructure and 2.5G UE protocol stack and conformance, IoT and FT services
      • CDMA
        • CDMA IS-95, CDMA 2000, 1x RTT and 1x EVDO across network elements - BTS, BSC, PCF
      • UMTS
        • NodeB, RNC, SGSN and OMC-R, OMC-B, EMS/NMS for network infra  and UE protocol stack development and conformance/IOT/FT services
      • LTE
        • UE, eNodeB, EPC, IMS/RCS/VoLte services for TDD and FDD including development and IoT/FT testing
    • Proven capabilities in using Sasken IP innovatively to enhance customers’ test outcome (UE Stacks, eNode Stack, EPC Simulator)
      • LTE UE Simulator
        • Sasken has built 3GPP compliant LTE UE simulator that can be used as test equipment for the verification of LTE network components like eNodeB-ePC.
        • Protocol stack for this simulator is built on proven Sasken framework for 2G/ 3G protocol stack development, leading to faster time to market.
        • Sasken LTE UE simulator is portable on any LTE baseband and helps network equipment manufacturers thoroughly test their network elements for interoperability prior to deployment.
    • Active contribution to standard bodies (ETSI, 3GPP, PTCRB) with industry-first LTE test cases

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