Android Security Management Services

Android Security Management Services

With more devices being connected every day, malware practices have increased over the years. While ransomware attacks have increased to 36% over the years (almost 4000 a day), Microsoft estimates that the potential cost of global cybercrime is at about $500 billion. Up to the first quarter of 2018, Android’s global market share was at 85.9% up from 76% in 2017. With almost 98% of malware attacks being targeted on the Android platform, it is becoming a prime target for hackers. For industrials devices, enterprise customers must minimize security vulnerabilities to keep their devices secure due to increased business impact. While Google mandates security patches as compliance, there is lack of support for older Android versions on these devices. The propagation of security updates on supported devices is unpredictable as well.

Sasken has over 20 years of experience on Linux and Android and has successfully enabled the shipment of over 100 million devices for customers. Sasken has enabled OEMs to launch Android-based rugged devices on various chipsets and has successfully ported all versions of Android from Jelly Bean to the latest Pie. Sasken’s subscription-based Android Security Management services enable OEMs to reduce efforts in managing security upgrades and provide long-term maintenance of security upgrades.

  • Offerings
    • Complete ownership of providing security patches to OEMs for Android devices
    • Pre-built and tested part-patch-update at a defined cadence:
      • Direct integration for supported Android versions
      • Backporting of patches to legacy Android versions
      • Dedicated engineering team working in factory-model on all chipsets variants ensuring uninterrupted support and integration ready patches available every month
      • Sasken Security Package (SSP) contains integrated AOSP and chipset security patches on latest 4 CS releases
      • Integration of SMR patches to product lines

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