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Terminal Design and Development

Terminal Design and Development

Sasken brings over two decades of expertise in terrestrial communication from ADSL technologies to the latest LTE. We build complete customized solutions on various platforms for PMR terminal manufacturers across the world. Sasken offers solutions and expertise in the end-to-end development of terminals in the areas of hardware design, antenna design, ID and mechanics, PWB, component selection and production support.

  • Complete Product Development
    • Product initiation to product development
    • Complete mechanic design: ideal mechanics - showcase of 3D IDE for look and feel
    • Complete integration, system testing, field testing and OTA testing
    • Conformance testing - entire infrastructure setup
    • Terminal testing with the help of network simulator
  • PCB Design
    • In-house PCB design
    • High density RF integration
    • Single PCB core module development, simulations - re - usable for other products
    • Mobile PCB design with core functionality in a credit card form factor
  • RF and Antenna Design
    • RF
      • Multi-band design
      • Multi-radio integration
      • RF block design - transmitter, receiver, synthesizer
      • RF test development - own test house for doing antenna tests
      • RF performance testing
    • Antenna
      • Antenna design, modelling and prototyping
      • Antenna simulations and product performance evaluations
      • Antenna measurement, testing and verification - mobile terminals, GPS devices, NFC
      • RFID, base-stations

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