Smart Building and Home Automation

Smart Building and Home Automation

Recent surveys indicate more than one fourth of the global end-user energy demand arises from commercial and residential facilities. We offer:

  • Monitoring device development
  • Sensor  Smart  IoT gateway system development
  • Integration with lighting, fire & safety, and communication systems
  • IoT enablement and cloud platform integration
  • Remote asset management
  • Data ingestion, storage, and analytics
  • Mobile Application development for Smart Home management

Sasken’s solutions in smart building and home automation enable:

  • Energy sustainability
  • Energy savings
  • Energy efficiency
  • End user’s cost savings
  • Improved accessibility and security through the automated home app/voice controlled framework.

Sasken partners with its customers to build reference design and Smart Home SDK for small builders/OEM/ODMs to develop applications. Our home automation services empower businesses with multi-framework voice enabled home gateway solutions for the fragmented smart-home products based on multiple IoT platforms. Sasken’s expertise in this domain has helped in developing voice and speech enablement for smart thermostats, door locks, lighting systems, and smart security alarms. We have also facilitated OEMs with superior surveillance system.

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