Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions

The adoption of IoT and advancement in M2M communication are driving the industrial control and factory automation market. The need for optimal use of resources, waste reduction, increase in process efficiency, and adoption of new policy reforms (safety and quality) by emerging economies are also fueling growth.

For over a decade, leaders in the Industrial segment have been leveraging Sasken’s expertise in analyzing vast amounts of data collected from connected machines and products, to make automated decisions in real-time. Sasken has been enabling customers to achieve increased production and reduced down time while driving profit.

  • Digitization of Factory Floor

    Sasken is enabling customers to network and collect data from different equipment on the factory floor which can be monitored in real-time. We are also helping customers in the backward and forward integrations with systems of records, systems of engagement, and PLM tools which ushers in dynamic, personalized, and lean manufacturing. Critical changes can also be communicated back to these smart systems now completing the loop for dynamic manufacturing. While there is a growing demand for this in both discreet and process manufacturing, customers are leveraging Sasken’s expertise in providing secure network and connectivity features. Sasken enables its customers in ‘IoTizing’ the legacy equipment with appropriate connectivity technologies thereby converting the legacy system in to an intelligent data generating system for a digitized factory.

  • Asset Performance Management

    Leveraging a fusion of sensors and varied connectivity technologies, live data about performance of an asset can be recorded and analyzed in real-time on the cloud. This provides the ability to model the performance of the asset and build capabilities for predictive maintenance. Sasken’s solution is helping customers get significant cost savings in terms of reduced downtime and enhanced productivity. The solution also leverages edge analytics for anomaly detection on the edge in real-time which helps customers with timely detection of defects and responding to problems with no or minimal connectivity.

    Sasken helps customers leverage its domain knowledge which enables the extraction of relevant information and using analytical techniques to put it in perspective. With choice of sensors, connectivity and edge storage, etc. differing with each industry, Sasken also works on the hardware design which configures the right sensor for the environment.

  • Field Service Operation Enablers

    Market research estimates that leveraging AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) technologies can reduce the costs for Field Service Operations such as training, repeat field trips, outdated manuals, etc. by about 30%. While mixed reality failed to pick-up in consumer space, it is now finding its space in enterprise solutions. This includes arming the Field Service Operator with technologies that can help him/her with last known parameters of the asset and option to seek step-by-step help in diagnosing and fixing the problem with a combination of audio/video and mixed reality.

    Sasken’s solution harnesses technologies such as smart wearables, audio/video processing, enterprise AR/VR and data analytics to enable the FSO to seek expert opinion from someone in the control room and get guided instructions on his/her headset to fix the problem.

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