Heavy Machinery and Plant Automation

Heavy Machinery and Plant Automation

In the manufacturing segment, Sasken’s heavy machinery and plant automation services lay a solid foundation for a digital service based ecosystem for cross-company, cross-sector collaboration. Our offerings in plant automation build intelligent, data-driven value business models giving our clients a competitive edge. We offer:

  • Application development for use cases such as failure prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Manufacturing marketplace
  • Track and trace
  • Remote asset management and controls
  • IoT enablement and cloud platform integration
  • IIOT enablement of legacy shop-floor systems
  • Telematics and connected services in on-road & off-road vehicles

Our solutions in this segment empower industries with following benefits:

  • Significant productivity gains for the plant components and manufacturing processes through reduction in downtime and high availability.
  • Efficient deployment of assets through condition & health monitoring and forecasting for manufacturing equipment.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through real time production tests on products and equipment for improved quality.
  • Inventory optimization for balanced investments and service-level goals.
  • Helping legacy shop floor controllers to be connected to the IIOT gateway

Sasken has developed a factory digital enablement station, upgraded the industrial communications system for a laser welding product line and has developed remote monitoring application for another OEM. Additionally, wireless sensor system and industrial IoT gateway development for Predictive maintenance system for rolling stock is currently under development.

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