Android Services

Android Services

Smartphone manufacturers find it very challenging to ensure that their devices are up-to-date with the latest variations of Android. While they have to make sure that their devices can support the latest version of the Android OS, they also have to ensure that their devices have the latest hardware in order to make complete use of the features that the newer versions enable. For example, if the latest version of Android provides mirroring technologies then the smart phone's hardware must also be able to support this. Hence, a major challenge that smartphone manufacturers go through is getting the latest handset to the market and in time with the release of a new version of Android. Even though software updates are important for OEMs to ensure that consumers have the latest operating systems, the presence of older hardware in devices can compromise on the device's overall performance.

Sasken has over 20 years of experience on Linux and Android and has successfully enabled the shipment of over 100 million devices for customers. Sasken has played a crucial role in delivering R&D services to port various versions of Android on leading chipset platforms in the market today and has helped launch over 20 different models. More recently, our understanding of the Android framework helped us rapidly build, test, and develop launch-ready features for an Asian CE conglomerate’s premium smartphone.

  • Offerings
    • Applications and framework support
      • Feature inclusions and enhancements
      • Operator feature customizations
      • Proprietary package or applications maintenance
    • Middleware Support
      • Support with RIL and vendor RIL
      • Multimedia enhancements and framework maintenance
      • Support with connectivity stack integration
    • Kernel and driver development
      • Bring up of Android on new platform
      • Integration of specifi­c peripherals
      • Achieve launch readiness by ensuring stability of software

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