Telematics, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud

Telematics, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud

Telematics is bringing about a revolutionary change in the Automotive value chain and is enhancing driver experience while ensuring driver safety. As per Statista estimates, the global vehicle telematics market will almost double to $103 billion by 2022 from an estimated $55 billion in 2018 projecting a huge demand for telematics technology over the next five years. To gain competitive edge, OEMs must find ways to differentiate their product offerings. The commercial impact of integrating telematics systems into vehicles can be tremendous because it can cover a host of services that will create an invaluable proposition for both OEMs and customers.

Sasken enables Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s by providing solutions that support rich, connected in-car experiences, while also connecting vehicles to one another, pedestrians, road infrastructure and the cloud. Our exceptional software services for Telematics-based products have been deployed across various geographies meeting operator certification requirements. Sasken has over three decades of expertise in long range communication technologies including the latest 5G technologies. Sasken is one of the two exclusive and preferred system integration partners for Qualcomm’s Cellular V2X technology. Sasken is extending current generation of Connected Car solutions to V2X-compliant safety applications by integrating V2X in Telematics Control Units.

  • Offerings
    • Platform Software Development – Qualcomm, TI, Renesas, Intel
    • Firmware update and communication, Telematics Application engine
    • Multi-Modem Integration for Reliable Communication and Carrier Aggregation in 3G/4G/LTE
    • TSP Middleware Integration and Protocol Integration
    • Implementation of Secure boot, Secure communication, Security in Vehicle networks
    • Mobile and web app development for Connected Car, UI/UX development
    • Big Data and Analytics for Smart Mobility – Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Vehicle Health Check, Driver Behavior Analytics
    • Scalable Cloud and Web Solution – Cloud-based Data Ingestion, Standards based protocols, web app, Data Sharing API & monetization
    • Mobile App Management, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management
    • Vehicle Testing – Delivering real-time analytics on the node
    • Aftermarket solutions like LTE-based OBD-II dongle
    • Telematics Testing – Connectivity Testing, Field Testing, GPS and Navigation Testing, Test Solution Development, Application Testing, FOTA Testing
    • Edge Programming – Protocol Ingestion, Data Transformation, Edge AI, Custom Analytics, Security and Connectivity Management
    • IoT Platform Engineering – Real-time Data Ingestion, Complex Event Processing, Real-time alerts and notifications, Secure bi-directional communication, Device Monitoring, Enterprise System Integration

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