Autonomous, ADAS & V2X

Autonomous, ADAS & V2X

Latest reports by Statista projects the market size of partially autonomous vehicles to grow to $36 billion and fully autonomous vehicles to grow to $6 billion by 2025. In order to make way for this rapid growth, investments are being made by various constituents of the value chain such as silicon vendors, Tier-1s, OEMs, which is resulting in innovations in chip design, sensors, computer vision-based solutions using Artificial Intelligence, etc. These are crucial in realizing vehicle autonomy. Some of the major challenges our customers face in this area include productization on new and unproven chipsets and integration of multiple technologies like vision-based ADAS, V2X for realizing ADAS use cases.

Sasken is enabling Tier-1s/OEMs to develop Advanced Driving Assistance Systems by its unique expertise by integrating best in class technologies from computer vision domain and communication domain. Sasken has developed deep expertise in computer vision, radar sensor, connectivity, mapping, and path planning technologies. Sasken had developed ADAS solutions on TI’s platforms.  Through its exclusive system integration partnership for Qualcomm’s Cellular V2X technology, Sasken offers system integration services to OBU and RSU vendors for V2X integration.

  • Offerings


    • Reference board, Antenna design
    • Application processor/modem migration
    • Customizing reference design provided by Silicon vendor:
      • Migration of application processor
      • DSRC modem migration
    • Board bring-up (minimum kernel footprint with all the required drivers and tools)
      • Hypervised/non-hypervised system
    • Kernel Migration in reference design
    • Modem Integration (DSRC/C-V2X)
      • 3rd Party ITS stack integration with modem stack (DSRC/C-V2X)
    • CAN/Vehicle Network integration (feature development/testing/maintenance)
    • GPS/GNSS Integration (including support for integrating dead reckoning algorithm)
    • Testing
      • Feature validation
      • Performance (code profiling)
    • Security
      • Integration with HSM (Hardware security module)
      • Application sandboxing
      • Key Management
    • V2X Application Development
    • Integration of RSU specific features
      • Backhaul Connectivity integration using cellular modem or Ethernet
      • Integration with Traffic management system middleware
      • Performance optimization


    V2X Architecture for OBU


    V2X Architecture for RSU


    Applications for Vehicle Autonomy

    • OnBoard Intelligence Applications – Driven by Deep Learning based Vision Tech, Radar & Sensing Tech
      • Driver Alertness detection, Forward collision warning, Traffic sign detection, Road Sign detection, Range Sensing, Pedestrian Warning, Object detection, Lane Detection/drift, Blind Spot, Surround view/point cloud, Parking Assist
    • Connected Intelligence Applications – Driven by wireless connectivity, V2X, GNSS & navigation
      • V2V coordination, V2I interaction, HD Maps, SLAM, Collision Avoidance, Traffic Management
    • ADAS Solution Test Bench for Vision ECU
      • Scenario simulation, sensor fusion, vision algorithm validation, video generation, sensor signal generation
    • AI Frameworks and Solutions
      • Machine Learning Frameworks - Data Clustering, Modelling through Machine Learning, Inferencing Engine
      • Solutions - Auto tagging, drowsiness detection, forward collision warning

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